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The battery is akin to the heart of a vehicle – it supplies energy to various parts and keeps the machine running. It is important that the car battery be in a healthy condition to enable the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of your car. In case of any concern, it is apt to consult a professional car mechanic from a reputed car service centre. Meanwhile, one can perform the following steps to ensure that the battery is in good condition and its life is extended:

  1. Check the battery's state of charge. Most of the batteries will have a State of Charge Indicator on top which will give you an immediate diagnosis of the battery condition. A more reliable and professional way to check this is with a voltmeter. A charged Century battery will have a stabilised voltage of above 12.5 volts and an SG reading above 1.240.
  2. Make sure that the battery top is clean, dry, and free of dirt or grime, because a dirty battery can discharge across the grime on top of the battery casing.
  3. Inspect the terminals, screws, clamps, and cables to check for any breakage, damage or loose connections.
  4. Applying a thin coating of high-temperature grease to posts and cable connections adds to the protection.
  5. Examine the battery case for obvious signs of physical damage as this indicates that the battery has been overheated or overcharged.
  6. If you possess a maintainable battery, it is important to check if the battery has sufficient electrolyte covering on the battery plates. If topping up is required, do not over fill as the fluid levels will rise when the battery is fully charged and may overflow.

Reliable Roadworthy Certificate & Automatic Transmission service provider in Tarneit

A roadworthy certificate is an official document that states that your vehicle is in optimum condition and is safe to ply on the roads without causing damage to life or property. It is essential for a vehicle owner to procure a roadworthy certificate to use their vehicle on the roads. Car service centres can perform the prescribed tests on your vehicle and issue a roadworthy certificate. A vehicle without a roadworthy certificate is often confiscated and fines are levied on the owner. Mr. Mekanix is a Tarneit-based professional car service centre. We are equipped to attend to all kinds of car concerns such as logbook servicing, brake repair, exhaust systems, tyre replacement, battery repair and replacement, automatic transmission specialist, car air conditioning, engine rebuild, roadworthy certificate and more. All our services are performed in monitored settings under the expert guidance of certified car mechanics who employ world-class equipment to furnish the process. Mr. Mekanix thinks globally and acts locally, thereby bringing facilities that are at par with international standards to the suburbs of Tarneit. Though we insist on premium quality, we keep the rates affordable to customers from diverse backgrounds. Call us on 03 9369 7778 for more information.