Automatic Transmission Service Specialist in Point Cook: Car Service & Mechanic

A vehicle is composed of several systems running simultaneously. The issues with one of them can severely hamper the functioning of another as they are interconnected. One of the main systems is the automatic transmission that transfers the power from the engine to the wheels. It enables your vehicle to move in varying levels of speeds. It is one of the cardinal systems in a vehicle and any Auto Electrical repairs associated with it should be attended to immediately by an experienced car mechanic at a reliable car service station. If ignored, this can affect the functioning of the car and cost you heavily to replace it. The following are some signs to look out for, which is an indication that something is not right with your automatic transmission service :

  1. Noises - If your car is in neutral and it is making any sort of grinding, ticking, or whining noises then this can mean trouble with your transmission. This needs to be checked immediately.
  2. Gears slipping –If you are facing issues while shifting gears, wherein it is not smooth, you might see high RPMs above 3500 as the engine fights to respond or you might just feel that the engine is slow to accelerate when you press the pedal.
  3. Gears not engaging – Any issues with moving the gear is a sure case of auto transmission malfunction.
  4. Engine light –The check engine light switched on indicates several issues and a leaking transmission fluid could be one amongst them.
  5. Shaking when changing gear –Sudden shakes or jerks when you try to move gears mean that you should get the auto transmission system checked.


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