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Engine rebuild refers to the rebuilding of a car engine when it becomes obsolete or out of order. During this process, the worn-out parts of an engine are either repaired or replaced. An experienced car mechanic at a car service station will be able to access your vehicle and determine if the engine needs to be rebuilt. An engine rebuild can better the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.Here are some signs where you have to perform an engine rebuild:

  1. Knocking Sound – A knocking sound is a sure sign that you have to go in for an engine rebuild. This sound usually occurs when there is too much clearance between the cylinder bore and the piston.
  2. Excess Smoke – Normally, the tailpipe should not release huge amounts of smoke and if there is thick, dark smoke exuding from the end, it is time for an engine rebuild.
  3. Oil Consumption – Excessive oil use but low oil pressure directs at a problem with the engine. With time, the various parts experience wear and tear, which makes space for oil to escape into when it has been burned off.
  4. Loss of compression – Your vehicle losing compression is a bad signal. There might be worn-out piston rings or cylinder bores, a cylinder head with a crack, a blown head gasket, or exhaust valves that are burnt. A leak down testing is an ideal way to figure this the condition of your engine. If the test result is 20% or more, it is time for an engine rebuild.
  5. Loss of Coolant – If you notice that there is a lot of loss of coolant, it could be because of a leak in the cylinder pressure.

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